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Term 2, 2019 Registration

Monday 29th April to Saturday 29th June

Holiday – Monday 10th June (Queen’s Birthday)


Joyful, Pressure Free, Family Music Classes 
For 0-5 year olds..
And the grownups who love them 


Come for A trial

Make musical memories WIth your family in 2019

and be inspired to bring the JOY of MUSIC into your everyday life

“Thank you for not only making our Mondays such joyous days, but for all the fun and inspiration that has come from the classes and spread throughout our days and night and into so many aspects of our lives. We feel so fortunate to have spent the year with you”

Nerida, mum of Quin and Florence


We invite you to join our award winning, pressure free, FAMILY MUSIC CLASSES in Term 2 for the TAMBOURINE collection and experience the joy of making music as a family and as a community.

Enjoy singing, dancing, wiggling and jamming to fun-packed songs and musical play-alongs in class each week with your 0-5 year old children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or those for whom you give care. Plus, our award-winning recordings allow you to take the music home with you to help transform your daily activities with your little ones into opportunities to bond, sing, and develop skills they will need to be lifelong musicians.

The Rhythm Tree BIrd


Monday am (9.15 , 10.15  & 11.15am)  – Gillian 

Monday pm (2.15 , 3.15  & 4.15pm) – Claire

Tuesday am (9.15, 10.15  & 11.15am) – Claire

Tuesday pm (2.15   & 3.15pm)  – Claire  

Wednesday am (9.15, 10.15  & 11.15am) – Matilda

Wednesday pm (2.15  & 3.15pm ) – Karen

Thursday am (9.15 , 10.15 and 11.15am) – Sarah T

Thursday pm (2.15 & 3.15pm)  – Sarah T

Friday am (9.15, 10.15 & 11.15am) – Matilda

Friday pm (2.15 & 3.15pm)Deirdre

Saturday am (9.15, 10.15  & 11.15am ) – Matilda

Tuesday am (9.15, 10.15 & 11.15am) – Sarah N

Wednesday am (9.15, 10.15 & 11.15am) – Rebecca

Thursday am (9.15 & 10.15am) – Sarah N

Wednesday am (9.30 & 10.30am)-  Charin

Thursday am (9.30 & 10.30am) – Vannie

Friday am  (9.30 30& 10.30 ) – Gillian

Tuesday am (9.15 & 10.15am) – Charin

Term Tuition Rate for 2019

Family with One Child

$248 *Early Bird/ $258 Standard

Note – Mondays in Terms 1 & 2 and Tuesdays in Term 4 Only $226 * Early Bird/$236 Standard (due to Public Holidays).

Up to 2 Additional Siblings

Morning Classes Add $124 *Early Bird/ $129 Standard​

Note -Mondays in Term 1 & 2 and Tuesdays in Term 4 
Add $113 * Early Bird/$118 Standard (due to Public Holidays)

Afternoon Classes FREE

Bring Baby Too for FREE​

Babies 8 months and younger

(at the start of term)

are absolutely FREE

(when accompanying a registered sibling)

One Off Registration Fee

There is a one off non-refundable registration fee of $10 for families new to The Rhythm Tree​

*Early Bird Rate – if paid before start of term


New families one-off registration fee – $10

Termly resources/service fee to Music Together – $60


Morning Classes

Family with 1 child –  $22 per class (for number of classes left that term) 

Family with 2 or more children* – $36.50 per class (for number of classes left that term)

Afternoon classes

ALL Families $22 per class (for number of classes left that term)

 *Note– Siblings under 8 months FREE
An $80 Deposit is required to secure your enrolment

Please note: enrolments received from Week 7 on do not include the termly resources (CD, book, digital resources) from Music Together. Fees will be calculated only for classes and admin fee (if applicable)

Note – Termly Tuition Fees include:

  • Weekly 45-minute classes with engaging activities you can do all week long
  • The award winning music for the term on CD, plus digital song downloads
  • A beautifully illustrated songbook
  • Digital resources, including the Family Music Zone and the Hello Everybody app to access your music from anywhere
  • New families also receive a Rhythm Tree bag with egg shaker, and ‘Music and Your Child’  guidebook for parents
  • Up to 2 make up classes ( 4 in winter months)


Payment Options

  1. 2 part payment – Payment of the $80 deposit at registration then payment in full by 5 days after term starts
  2. One full payment at registration on registrations

Note – For Early Bird rate – full payment must be made by 5 days after the start of term.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If after the first class you are not fully satisfied, let us know *immediately (*must be the same day) at or call 9878 9341 and we will cancel your enrolment and fully refund your fees without question. Please note – *failure to contact us on that day will make you liable for a full term’s fees. Registration fees are non-refundable. Collected songbooks/CD cannot be refunded/returned and must be purchased for $60.


Although we try to accommodate unforeseen changes in schedule, after your registered first class we will not issue credits or refunds for non-emergency reasons such as nap times changing. If you do not attend the first class or do not alert us after this class, fees are liable.


Missed Classes

Tuition is provided on a per term basis therefore there are no refunds or credits given for missed lessons.

Two ‘make-up’ classes (4 in Winter months) are permitted per term using our ‘make up’ scheduler.

Make-up classes

If you are unable to attend one or two classes for any reason during the term, you are eligible to attend up to two ‘make-up’ classes (4 in Winter months). Make ups can be booked through your family portal using our online ‘make up scheduler’.


Location and time changes

On a rare occasion, classes may be combined or cancelled based on enrollment. Refunds will be given to families who cannot accommodate the changes.

If, for any reason, there is a room or venue change, we will notify you in advance by email and send a reminder by sms.

 Mobile Phones

We like to keep our 45 minutes musical. Please note that classes are MOBILE FREE zones unless you have cleared with the teacher beforehand e.g. if waiting on a very important call. If you would like to take photos, please let your teacher know and she will be more than happy to pull out the instruments after class. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Food and Drink in Class

It is important to stay hydrated so we encourage the use of water bottles, breastfeeding and baby milk bottles in class. Due to cross contamination and choking hazards, we prefer any solid foods to be consumed outside our class space either before or after class. Should food be required during class, we request that you please step outside. 

 Unregistered Older Siblings

There may be times during the term when older children have a school holiday, and it is natural to want to bring them with you to class. Older siblings of registered students may visit 2 classes per semester; Please e-mail us in advance to let us know

Additional Adults

Parents, grandparents or caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time – no need to ask. Whole family music making in your home is extremely valuable to your child’s musical development, and attending class occasionally helps the other family members to join in at home.

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